Kathleen Gerson is Professor of Sociology and Collegiate Professor of Arts and Science at New York University.  She has held visiting positions at the Russell Sage Foundation and the Center for the Study of Status Passage in the Life Course and has served as President of the Eastern Sociological Society and Chair of the ASA Family Section. Her work focuses on the connections among gender, work, and family life in post-industrial societies.

Professor Gerson’s most recent book, The Unfinished Revolution: How a New Generation is Reshaping Family, Work, and Gender in America (Oxford University Press, 2010), examines a new generation’s experiences growing up amid changing families and blurring gender boundaries. She is also the author or co-author of four additional books and over fifty articles, essays, and opinion pieces.  Her first major work, Hard Choices: How Women Decide About Work, Career, and Motherhood (1985), continues to inform ongoing debates about women’s work and family commitments.  Her next book, No Man’s Land: Men’s Changing Commitments to Family and Work (1993), analyzed the pervasive but often ignored changes in men’s lives and was chosen as a “new and noteworthy” paperback by The New York Times Book Review. More recently, Gerson teamed with Jerry A. Jacobs on The Time Divide: Family, Work, and Gender Inequality(2004), which was named a “best business book” by Strategy Business magazine and was based on work that received the Rosabeth Moss Kanter Award for Excellence in Work-Family Research.

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