Ellen Davis says she has nightmares about her detention and interrogation for more than an hour by Israeli security agents who asked “nonsensical” questions before her flight from Tel Aviv airport in May.

The frequent flier from the Atlanta area says she was told to swallow one of her birth-control pills, asked repeated questions about her shoes and religion and ordered to remove her shoes and blouse, leaving her standing in a “revealing tank top.”

“I’m a grown woman not lacking in life experiences — both good and bad — but this was the single most humiliating experience of my life,” says Davis, 46, who went to Israel to see religious sites with three friends.

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Although the overwhelming majority of travelers get where they’re headed without incident, hardly a day goes by without someone complaining they’ve suffered an indignity when trying to fly somewhere — whether it’s a humiliating security search like Davis says she underwent or being ordered off a plane by airline personnel.

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