After five years at home full time with his two children, Martin Banks was itching to get back to the adult world of work. But how to explain the gap on his résumé?

”I decided to make it a job, because by golly, that’s what it was,” Mr. Banks said. ”It was work.”

Under ”Temporary Retirement” on his résumé, he wrote: ”Devoted five years to raising my son and daughter. Responsibilities included changing diapers, preparing nutritious meals, making boo-boos feel better.”

Mr. Banks, 42, a former video technology engineer in San Diego who is married to a lawyer, is one of a small group of fathers in the United States who have temporarily chosen domestic life over the workaday grind. Like many stay-at-home mothers, these fathers often go back to work after some time at home. But when the time comes to trade the dishrag for a briefcase, many stay-at-home fathers are rejecting all-consuming corporate jobs and trying to re-enter the work force on their own terms.

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