Taking Silicon Valley and other settings that exemplify the “new economy,” this project is investigating the new worlds of work and care.  As the 21st century economy continues to erode the institutional underpinnings of stable jobs and families, women and men alike face new dilemmas about how to trade off self-development with the care of others.  At the workplace, the decline of jobs has created financial uncertainties that may signal a death knell to both organized career ladders and the sole breadwinner household.  At home, the rise of fluid, fragile intimate relationships makes family life equally unpredictable.  Yet the boundaries between home and work continue to blur, and the pressures to put in long hours at both work and in caretaking have never been greater.  Amid the growing clash between changing lives and resistant institutions, how are today’s women and men experiencing and responding to these intensifying conflicts?  What new strategies are emerging in response?  What are the implications for gender –  and class – inequality?  And what are the possibilities for creating more egalitarian gender, work, and family options?