Collegiate Professor of Arts & Science |
Professor of Sociology | New York University


Gender, Work, & Families in the Contemporary World

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My work focuses on the sources, shapes, and implications of the intertwined revolutions in gender, work, and private life taking place in the United States and across the globalizing world. To make sense of these developments, my books and articles use depth interviews and other techniques to uncover the ways personal experiences and unfolding biographies intersect with institutions in flux to shape the contours of social change. Current projects include a forthcoming book on “the art and science of interviewing” and an ongoing study of “work and care in the new economy.”


Books by Kathleen


The Unfinished Revolution: Coming of Age in a New Era of Gender, Work, and Family

A first-hand account of “the children of the gender revolution,” who grew up during the recent period of sweeping family and gender changes.



No Man’s Land: Men’s Changing Commitments to Family and Work

A careful look at the challenges men face and the responses they develop in a world where women are as likely as men to shoulder the responsibilities of supporting a family.



Hard Choices: How Women Decide About Work, Career, and Motherhood

An early and influential study of the how women experience and cope with work-family conflicts as they face a revolution in their work and family options.




The Time Divide: Work, Family, and Gender Inequality

A panoramic study of why and how time pressures have emerged in contemporary life and what we can do to alleviate them.